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  1. Click the Rental Property tab
  2. Click the Rent Center button.
  3. Quicken displays a list of your properties, tenants, and rental payments.
  4. If you're tracking more than one rental property in Quicken, select another property in the Show list to view the rent details for it.
    • Why do I see a choice called Unknown property?
  5. To view the data for the current year, select Current year in the Date Range list.
    • Tell me more about the options in the Date Range list.
  6. To view or edit the information about a property, click the property name. (Optional)
  7. To view or edit an existing tenant's information, click the tenant's name. (Optional)
    • What is unknown tenant?
  8. Quicken displays informational icons on the Rent Center to indicate late payment, lease expiry, and vacant property.
    • What do the icons mean?


  • The rent amount in the month columns shows the rent due or rent paid. But if the rent from a tenant is overdue, then the amount in the month column includes the rent expected and the late fee applicable.
  • The Totals row shows the total of the amounts in the specific column. The total amount displayed at the bottom of the column indicates a sum of rent received as well as rent expected.
  • Quicken displays an Overdue column only if the rent from a tenant is overdue.
  • When a tenant moves out, Quicken ends the rent reminders for the tenant, and the rent amount is removed from the months after the move-out date.

This feature requires Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.