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Managing rental properties can be challenging, especially when tracking expenses, managing tenants, and preparing tax-related paperwork. The Rental Property tab is Quicken's tool to simplify rental property management. For this introduction, we will explore the various features of the Rental Property tab that help property managers, landlords, and real estate investors efficiently manage their rentals. Its friendly interface and comprehensive features allow you to efficiently manage tenants, track rental income and expenses, project cash flow, and prepare tax-related paperwork.

Managing Tenants

The most important feature of the Rental Property tab is the ability to manage tenants in each property. This includes keeping track of tenant contact information, rent details, terms and agreements, and tenant history. You can easily update tenant information in Quicken, allowing you to keep track of each tenant's rental history and stay on top of lease renewals and payments.

Managing Rental Income and Expenses

The Rental Property tab offers a Rent Center page that helps you manage rental income and expenses for each property. You can view rent details, due dates, late fees, and the status of each unit or property. This feature also allows you to manage your rental properties, tenants, rental income, and expenses in one place.

Projecting Cash Flow

The Rental Property tab provides tools for projecting cash flow. Using the same model for rental property spending accounts as personal and business spending accounts, it includes tools such as bill and income reminders that help you stay on top of rental income and expense due dates. By entering your income and expected paydays into Quicken, you can easily project your cash flow and use the Projected Balances graph to help you make informed financial decisions.

Tracking Rental Property Profit and Loss

The Profit/Loss page in the Rental Property tab shows your income, expenses, and net profit or loss for each rental property you track in Quicken. This snapshot includes every rental property transaction, regardless of which account the transaction is in, allowing you to gauge the profitability of each property.


The Rental Property tab offers several reports that can help you keep track of your rental properties, including a Tax Schedule report, a Schedule E report, a Cash Flow report, and a Cash Flow Comparison report. These reports provide detailed information on your rental properties, allowing you to make informed investment decisions.

Vehicle Mileage Tracker

The Rental Property tab offers a Vehicle Mileage Tracker to track rental property-related mileage, charity work, medical trips, and trips to and from owned rental properties. The software allows you to enter new trips and generates tax-deductible mileage categories. It is essential to check with a tax advisor before deducting mileage costs.

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