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A rental property tag is a specialized tag that Quicken uses to group the transactions for a rental property. In a multiunit property, each unit also has a tag.

After you add the rental property tag and apply the rental property tag to the appropriate transactions, Quicken displays the data for your rental property in a number of ways.

Adding a rental property tag to Quicken

When you add a rental property to Quicken, you tell Quicken the name of your property or unit, and the tag you want to use for the transactions for that property or unit.

Using a rental property tag with a transaction

When you enter a transaction in Quicken, you have the option to include a tag. When one of the tags you include is a rental property tag or unit tag, Quicken can associate the transaction with the appropriate rental property or unit.

  • If I just track one rental property, do I need to include the rental property tag in every transaction?
  • What if I include more than one rental property tag?
  • What if the transaction I need to enter belongs to more than one rental property?

Reviewing your rental property data

There are a number of ways to view your rental property data in Quicken:

  • Quicken rental property reports display information about your rental property in a clear, easy-to-read format. Available reports include tax reports, cash flow reports, and cash flow comparison reports.
  • The Profit/Loss page shows your income, expenses, and net profit or loss for each rental property you track in Quicken.
  • Quicken includes the balances of your house accounts along with the balances of your personal accounts to determine your net worth, which you can review in the Property & Debt tab or as a report.

This feature requires Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.