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Getting started

New to Quicken? Migrating from other versions of Quicken? Read this to get started.

Quicken ID

Learn more about Quicken ID.


Manage your Quicken membership.

Release notes (Quicken Support Site)

Full release notes for each update. All changes large and small.

FAQ, discussions, and more

Join discussions with other Quicken users.

Update your Quicken software

Update Quicken to the latest version.

Keyboard shortcuts

Increase productivity with keyboard key combinations.

Contact support (650-250-1900)

Get free support by phone or chat.


If you have a question, here's where to start.


Money in, money out. Learn how to manage your day-to-day finances.


Quicken reports help you learn more about your finances.


One-month and twelve-month budgets let you plan and stay on track.


The Quicken calendar provides a daily view of your transactions and cash balances at a glance.

Bills & income

Learn how to create, update and manage bills and see projected balances.

Mobile, web sync and alerts

Quicken enables you to keep track of your cash, spending, and investments on your mobile device.


Quicken can help you prepare for tax day.

Loans (Available in Deluxe and Premier)

Track and oversee your auto and home loans.

Investing (Available in Deluxe and Premier)

Track holdings, cost basis, performance, gain and loss, and the tax implications of your investments.

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