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Here are the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts in Quicken:

Get started

TaskShortcut keys
Quicken Preferences⌘ ,
Page setup⇧⌘P
Minimize Quicken window⌘M
Hide Quicken⌘H
Hide other programs⌥⌘H
Quit Quicken⌘Q

Quicken data file

TaskShortcut keys
Open Quicken file⌘O
Close Quicken file⌘W
Print file⌘P
Undo task⌘Z
Redo task⇧⌘Z
Select all⌘A
Find next⌘G
Find previous⇧⌘G
Open register in new window⌃O
Transaction inspector⇧⌘I
Show details⌥⌘E
Show attachments⌥⌘A
Show checks⌥⌘C

Account register

TaskShortcut keys
Update all online accounts⇧⌘U
Update selected online account⌘U
Sync to mobile⌃S
Account status⇧⌘S
Use default register text size⌘0
Increase register text size⌘+
Decrease register text size⌘-

Go to

TaskShortcut keys
Payees & Rules⇧⌘E


TaskShortcut keys
New transaction⌘N
New scheduled transaction⌥⌘N
Edit transaction⌘E
Duplicate transaction⌘D
Delete transaction
Mark as paid⌘R
Add split⇧⌘N
Delete split⇧⌘Delete
Show splits⌥⌘S
Write check⌘J
Save QuickFill rule⌘Y
Transaction details⇧⌘I
Move to next field
Move to previous field⇧⇥
Add attachment⇧⌘H

Date Commands

TaskShortcut keys
Today's dateT
Increment date+
Decrement date
Increment 7 days. or >
Decrement 7 days, or <
First day of this weekW
Last day of this weekK
First day of this monthM
Last day of this monthH
First day of this yearY
Last day of this yearR

Note: You can repeatedly press the required keys to increase or decrease the week, month or year. For example, if you press R for today, the date will change to 12/31 of the current year. If you press R again, it will change to 12/31 of the next year. Pressing R will continue to increment the year.

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