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The Bills & Income view is your one-stop place to review upcoming bills, see incoming deposits, and monitor cash flow to avoid bouncing checks. The three primary areas of the view are:

  • Bills & Income - Mac - Track upcoming bills. This view can be used as a checklist of bills to pay.
  • Income view - Track incoming deposits and paychecks. This view will show scheduled transactions that are set up to track money coming into your account.
  • Projected Balances - See how each bill affects your cash account balances over time. Use this view to see if you need to transfer money into your checking account to cover upcoming bills.
  • Activity - Recent scheduled bill payments and income.


Quicken includes the ability to link a payee to an eBill. What are eBills?

  1. With eBills you will get automatic balance due updates. For example, if you've connected your credit card payee to the corresponding eBill, the balance due for your scheduled transaction will be updated every month to match what you owe. This way you don't have to go to the credit card website or wait for your statement to arrive to get this information. You can now just check Quicken. Quicken supports linking over 11,000+ eBill providers to payees.
  2. A number of eBill providers will also include PDF statements for your review.
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