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About Schedule Updates

  1. Choose Tools menu > Schedule Updates.
  2. If necessary, select the items you want to update. Click a link below if you need additional information.
    • Financial Institutions
    • Sync Quicken Cloud
    • Quotes
  3. Select the days and times at which you want the updates to occur.
  4. Choose when you would like to enter your Password Vault password.
    • At Windows startup—Quicken will ask you for your Password Vault password every time Windows is launched.
    • Before each scheduled update—Quicken will ask you for your Password Vault password at the time you have chosen for the update.
  5. Click OK.


  • Updates will occur within 15 minutes of the selected time (not the exact time specified). This helps balance the load on the servers of your financial institutions.
  • Scheduled updates can't take place while Quicken is running. If you're using Quicken when an update is scheduled to occur, Quicken displays a message when you exit the application telling you that you've missed a scheduled update.
  • The Schedule Updates feature displays informational icons in your Windows taskbar status area.
    • What do the icons mean?
  • To schedule an update for an account, you must store the password for that account in the Password Vault.
  • To end Schedule Updates, choose Tools menu > Schedule Updates. Clear the check box beside each account and select OK.

  • Scheduled updates can only be scheduled for one data file, If Schedule Update has been selected in a different data file, turning Schedule Update on in the most recent file will override the settings and turn off Schedule Updates for the previous file.