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Are you having an issue?

If you are having trouble with your financial institution account, the support site is the best place to resolve your issue. Check Top Trends to see what issues may impact your account. 
The next option is to contact your financial institution either through their website or by calling them. 

Your participating financial institution may request additional identity verification when you go online to update your transactions and balances in Quicken. This information is being requested by your bank or financial institution, not Quicken.

Fill in the requested information (the type of information you need to provide will differ depending on your financial institution).

You may need to go to the bank website for the information, enter a verification code sent via text or phone call, or give the answer to a challenge question you set up previously.

What if I don't have the right phone number or another issue?

Your financial institution requests these confirmations based on the information you have on file with them. The best way to resolve any issues with phone numbers or email addresses is to either go to the bank's website and update your information or to contact your bank directly.

Why am I being asked for this information?

Account security keeps you safe, especially when your money is at risk. 

As a defense against phishing attacks and other online scams, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has released guidelines that require financial institutions to strengthen their customer authentication measures for Internet banking transactions. As a result, many financial institutions require identity verification beyond a customer ID and password when customers request online account access. This additional information is sometimes called multi-factor authentication or MFA.

When you update your transactions and balances in Quicken, your participating financial institution may request similar identity verification.

For security purposes, financial institutions change the type of authentication they request from time to time (for example, a bank might request you to enter your postal code instead of the year in which you were born). Quicken will prompt you to enter the new information when these changes occur.