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  1. Choose Tools menu > Address Book
  2. Click New.
    • To add payee information
    • To add secondary information
    • To add personal information
    • To add miscellaneous information
  3. Click Group to add the contact to a group. (Optional)
  4. Click Format to format the information for printing. (Optional)
  5. Click OK.


  • Street: The street address prints on checks. If you use Quicken Home & Business, the address prints on invoices and bills.
  • City: By default, Address Book displays the city and state on the same line. To separate the two, click Options > Format Address and select the Separate City and State check box.
  • Country: By default, Address Book does not to display this information. To include the country name when you print, click Options > Format Address and select the Show Country check box
  • Email (Quicken Home & Business): The email address you enter here displays in the Send by Email window.
  • Attn Line: If you entered the name of the company in the Payee field, you can enter the name of the contact in the Attention Line.
  • Include this Payee in QuickFill list: QuickFill is an automatic data entry feature. To include the payee name in the QuickFill list, select the check box. Also, make sure that the Add Address Book Items to QuickFill List option is turned on; choose Edit menu > Preferences > QuickFill and then select the Add Address Book QuickFill group items to Memorized Payee List check box.
  • After you enter the address, you can format it to suit your needs. From the Address List, select the contact, click Options, and then choose Format Address. The area at the top of the window displays the address as it will display when you print. Select from the various options to change the format.
  • When you display the Secondary Column Set the column headings have the prefix S. For example S. Street, S. City, S. State .