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How much will it cost you to retire? Can you afford to send your children to college? Can you afford a second home? How can you save more money? These questions lie at the heart of financial planning. Based on your income, your spending habits, and your investments, can you provide everything you want for yourself and your family? Can you live well today and still have enough to live comfortably in retirement? Quicken provides tools that help you set financial goals for major life events.

After you set up a banking, investing, or property & debt account, a paycheck transaction, or a loan, your long-term planning is already started. Quicken uses the data you've already entered to help you create a long-term plan for retirement and other major life events. And because Quicken updates your plan with every transaction you enter, you can see how day-to-day financial decisions affect your long-term financial health.

If you haven't yet entered a lot of data in Quicken, you can still use the planning tools in Quicken. Just enter data as you go. In fact, while you are developing long-term plans with Quicken, you can create the accounts you've missed so far. For example, if you want your plan to include the value of your house but you haven't yet created a mortgage and associated loan account, Quicken helps you do so during the planning process.