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  1. Click the Business tab.
  2. Click the Business Actions button and choose Invoices and Estimates > Print Statements.
  3. In the Customer Statements dialog, select the statement layout you want to use from the Layout list.
  4. Select the customers for whom you want to print statements.

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    • All: Prints statements for all your customers.
    • Selected: Click Choose, and then select the names from the customer list.
    • One: Select a name from the customer list.
  5. In the Date Range From and To fields, enter the date range.
  6. In the Statement Date field, enter the statement date. (Optional)
  7. Select the Don't print statements with a zero balance check box. (Optional). Quicken creates a statement for each of the customers you selected.
  8. Click Print.
  9. In the Print Invoice dialog, modify any available options. For example, you can select whether to print to paper or a PDF:
    • Select Quicken PDF Printer to print a PDF.
    • Select another printer to print to paper.
  10. Click OK to print the statements.
  11. If you're printing to a PDF, enter a name for the PDF when Quicken requests this information, navigate to where you want to save the PDF, and click Save.

This feature requires Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.