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If a customer pays you in advance for products or services, there isn't yet an invoice to which you can apply it.

I want to download this down payment from my financial institution

I want to enter this down payment manually

When it's time to bill the customer

  1. In the invoices/receivables register, click Create New and then select Invoice in the list.
  2. From the Customer list, select the customer's name.
  3. Enter the information about the transaction.

To create the link between this invoice and an existing credit

  1. In the invoices/receivables register, select the invoice you want to link with the prepayment and then double-click the word --Form-- in the Category field.
  2. Click Receive Pmt on the invoice form to display the Customer Payment dialog.
  3. In the Amount field, enter the appropriate option:
    • If you're receiving an additional payment, enter that amount.
    • If you're not receiving an additional payment, enter $0.00.
  4. Select the Apply Existing Credits check box to have Quicken apply the credit to this invoice. Quicken tells you how much credit is available and tracks any remaining amount, which you can apply to the next invoice you issue for this customer.

This feature requires Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.