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Use the Payment/Deposit sheet to record a payment or deposit to your investing view. Using Payment/Deposit investment type, you can record payment or deposit transactions that are related to investments. You can write and print check, add splits, and attachments too.

To record a payment or deposit transaction

  1. In the sidebar, select the investment account you want to use.
  2. Click the Transactions tab and then click the New Transaction icon in the register toolbar.
  3. Select Payment/Deposit from the Transaction Types list.
  4. Add the information for:
    • Date - Enter the date of payment or deposit.
    • Security/Payee - Select a security or payee for the deposit or payment.
    • Description - Select a category for the transaction that you are recording.
    • Amount - Enter the amount of payment or deposit. Depending upon the category selected, Quicken updates your cash balance.
    • Check - Enter the check number if you are printing check without a check form. Leave this field blank if you are printing a check on a check form.
    • Memo - Enter the note you want to associate with the transaction.
    • Tags - Enter the tags that you want to use when searching for the transaction.
  5. To record splits, select the Splits tab and add split details for category, tags, transfer, split amount and any notes.
  6. To add an attachment, go to the Attachments tab, click the Add attachment button, and select the file you want to attach to the transaction.
  7. To add details to print on the check, select the Checks tab and add check number, date, payee, address, amount, and any note. Select the "I will print this check" check box if you want to print the check on a check form.
  8. Click Save when you are done.
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