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When you use Advanced Setup to add a new Quicken account, or when you edit an account that is already set up for Direct Connect, you have the opportunity to choose the method you want to use to connect to your financial institution. The methods available for you to choose from depend on the services supported by your financial institution, your preferences, and Quicken’s relationship with the financial institution. The three methods are Express Web Connect, Direct Connect, and Web Connect. The table below summarizes the differences.

FeatureExpress Web ConnectDirect ConnectWeb Connect
Automatically download transactions from your financial institution.XX
Pay bills and transfer money directly from Quicken.
Your financial institution may require a monthly fee and separate activation for this service.
You must manually download a file from your financial institution website to update your transactions and account balances.


More information

Express Web Connect


Direct Connect

Web Connect

How do I determine what method my financial institution uses?