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To change your preferences

  1. Choose Edit menu > Preferences.
  2. In the Select preference type list, select Backup.
  3. Change the appropriate setting. 

    Automatic BackupsSelect this option to automatically back up your Quicken data file.
    -OpenOpen your backup directory. You will see a Windows Directory with a list of any backup files you have made.

    Use this to choose a new backup folder that will be used for future automatic backups. This brings up the window Browse for a Folder. Click a folder to select it. If there are subfolders they will appear when you click the folder. If you have installed Dropbox, you can select it as your backup location. 

    For more information about Dropbox, visit the support article Dropbox frequently asked questions.

    Automatically save a copy of your data files at regular intervals

    Use Back up after running Quicken to automatically make a backup every few times you open and run the Quicken application. You can choose from 1 (back it up every time you run Quicken) to 99 (Almost never make an automatic backup.)

    Use Maximum number of backup copies to set a limit on how many backup copies you keep. If you set the number of backup copies to 1, you'll only have your latest backup, which offers you only minimal protection against issues. You can keep as many as 99 backups, but that can take up a lot of space. Most people find that between 5 and 20 backups is sufficient. 

    Manual backup reminder

    Select this option to have Quicken periodically remind you to make a backup copy of your file. 

    Use Remind me after running Quicken to set a reminder to backup your files when you attempt to close Quicken. You can choose from 1 (Remind me every time I try to close Quicken) to 99 (Almost never remind me to make a backup.)

  4. Click OK.