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  1. Open the account you want to use.
  2. Click Enter Transactions.
  3. In the Enter Transaction list, choose Sell - Shares Sold.
  4. Use the dialog to record the sale of shares of a security. Click a link below for more information.
    • Transaction date
    • Security name
    • Account
    • Sell all shares in this account
    • Number of shares, Price received per share, and Commission
    • Specify Lots
    • Choose how you want to deposit the proceeds from this sale.
  5. Click Enter/New to enter another transaction, or Enter/Done to finish.


For tax purposes, your financial institution may withhold a certain amount of money from the proceeds of a Sell transaction. Quicken shows this activity separately, as a MiscExp (miscellaneous expense) item.

Recording a transaction in Quicken does not execute a real-world trade, transfer, or other transaction. Contact your broker to execute trades or transfers, and then manually record the transactions in Quicken—better yet, download them directly from your participating financial institution.