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A powerful feature in Quicken is the ability to change the date of your portfolio so you can go “back in time” to see your holdings and market value for any date in the past.

Use this feature to reconcile a brokerage statement against the holdings and values being tracked in Quicken. The portfolio time machine helps you take advantage of the historical data stored in Quicken to quickly see a snapshot of your portfolio for any date for which you held investment transactions.

Using portfolio time machine

In the portfolio view of any investment account there’s a date field on the filter bar.

The default date is today’s date, which means you see today's holdings and values. Change this date and the portfolio view will update to show you holdings and values based on the new date.

View holdings / portfolio value

  1. Select an investment account in the sidebar.
  2. Select the Portfolio tab. The portfolio value and all your holdings by type are listed on this tab.
  3. Go to the Price and Holdings as of: item on the filter bar and change the date in the date field.
  4. All of your portfolio holdings and values are displayed for the date you entered.

Getting back to today's date

  • Clicking the Update Quotes button will automatically reset the date to today’s date.
  • You can also quickly get back to today by clicking on the Today button in the calendar.
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