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By default, Quicken will attempt to set up transaction download when you add a new account or financial institution (see also Adding accounts).

However, if you've been using manual entry accounts and want to try downloading, if you've converted from Quicken Windows or Quicken 2007 for Mac, or if you've experienced problems and had to disable downloads for one or more accounts you may need to set up an existing account for automatic download.

To set up transaction download for an account already tracked in Quicken

  1. In Quicken, choose Accounts > Set Up Transaction Download from the menu bar.
  2. If you have accounts that are not already setup for transaction download, you should see them listed under the Get Connected tab.
    • If all of your accounts are already set up for download, then you will see a list of those accounts and a message that reads "All accounts are already set up."
    • Some accounts, such as asset and liability accounts, cannot be set up for download.
  3. Find the account name or financial institution you'd like to set up and click the Setup or Try to Connect button as appropriate for the accounts you see listed.
  4. Follow the instructions on the subsequent views to get connected.

If you converted a file from Quicken 2007 for Mac or Quicken Windows

Some accounts that you were downloading automatically via One Step Update in another version of Quicken may get set to a lower level of connectivity (Web Connect file download) during the file conversion process.

Use the steps above to reconnect these accounts.

When you choose Accounts > Set Up Transaction Download, you may see a list of financial institutions under the heading "Action Required to Reconnect." Click the Setup button next to the financial institution name and follow the instructions on the subsequent views to get reconnected.

If your financial institution is listed under the Already Set Up tab but you are still unable to download by clicking the Update All Accounts button or menu item, then you may need to deactivate this (non-working) account and then return to the Set Up Transaction Download view to reconnect. (You can deactivate downloads for an account by going to the account register, clicking the Settings icon in the bottom right corner, and unchecking the "I want to download transactions" option on the Account Settings sheet.)

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