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You may transfer your shares or gift them to someone, without selling them. Quicken provides you the flexibility to remove the transferred/gifted shares from your security transaction without affecting the cash balance.

To remove shares:

  1. In the sidebar, select the investment account you want to use.
  2. Click the Transactions tab and then click the New Transaction icon in the register toolbar.
  3. From the Type field, select Remove Shares.
  4. Provide other details as below:
    • Date - Enter the date when the shares are removed.
    • Security - Select the security for which the shares are removed.
    • Shares Removed - Enter the number of shares removed.
    • Memo - Enter the note you want to associate with the transaction.
    • Tags - Enter the tags that you want to use while searching the transaction.
  5. To add an attachment, go to the Attachments tab, click the Add attachment button, and select the file you want to attach to the transaction.
  6. Click Save when you are done.

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