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Quicken allows you to see a comprehensive view of your investing portfolio by combining data from all your investment accounts across all your financial institutions.

Add each of your real-world investment accounts to Quicken in order to see all your investments in one place.

Quicken can automatically update transactions, balances, and holdings directly from your participating financial institution. Alternatively, you can keep your records updated by adding your transactions manually.

Quicken records the purchase dates and prices when you enter or download transactions, so you don't need to search for old brokerage statements to identify lots and calculate tax liability when you sell.

You can use Quicken to track your investment accounts, such as brokerage, IRA, 401(K), and 529 accounts.

Each Quicken investment account has a Transactions view, which is the investment equivalent of a check register. This view shows all of the investment transactions that you have recorded in your account. If your brokerage account handles cash transactions, these are also included. You can add, update, or delete transactions in this view.

Switch to the Portfolio view to get an overview of your holdings.

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