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If you've used a Quicken bank account, you already know how to use a cash account.
Save your receipts and other records of your cash transactions and enter each one as a separate transaction. If one cash receipt covers several items that you want to categorize individually, split the transaction when you enter it in the cash account register.

To enter a cash transaction

  1. Select a cash account from the Accounts section of the sidebar.
  2. In Quicken, choose Transactions > New Transaction. Alternatively, you can click New in the toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut N.
  3. Enter information in as many fields in the transaction as you want to track.
    • In the Payee field, enter where you made the cash purchase.
    • The more transactions you enter and categorize, the more accurate your income and expense reports will be. If there are cash transactions you don't want to track, you don't need to enter them. Just enter an adjustment transaction to cover the total amount of your miscellaneous cash expenses when you update your cash balance.
  4. Click Save to enter the transaction.
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