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The password vault is a Quicken feature that allows you to store all the passwords for financial institutions you access through Quicken. You can then access your secure accounts by entering a single Password Vault password.

To maintain a secure system, you should change your Password Vault password from time to time. See the section on connected services and security.

To change your password:

  1. Choose Tools menu > Password Vault > Add or Edit Passwords.
  2. Click Change Vault Password. The Edit your Vault Password screen will appear.
  3. In the Edit your Vault Password window, enter and re-enter your new password.

Password Requirements

For security purposes, the password you choose must be at least six characters in length. We suggest you choose a password that contains:

At least one digit (0 to 9)

At least one letter (a to z)

Other Security Steps

The Password Vault is designed for high security, but factors such as a well-chosen password, physical security for your computer, and proper safeguards when you use a network or the Internet are all important. Since most of these factors are beyond Quicken's control, Quicken is not liable for safeguarding your password data.

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