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To speed up the resolution of your payment inquiry, complete the following tasks before sending the query:

  1. Update the payment's status. Depending on your financial institution, the payment status may indicate whether the merchant is being paid with a physical check or an electronic funds transfer.
  2. If you can download your latest online transactions, check to see if the payment has cleared. Otherwise, check your latest statement. It lists the check number (if there is one), amount, and cleared date for each online payment. If your payee was sent a paper check, you may also receive a canceled check, depending on your financial institution.
  3. If you've not received confirmation that the payment has cleared your account, call the merchant. If the payment has not been received or applied to your account, make sure that the merchant's address and your account information are correct. For future reference, note the name of the person who helped you.
  4. If the merchant hasn't received your payment and your financial institution shows no record of the payment, send a payment inquiry.
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