1. Click the Business tab.
  2. Click the Business Actions , and choose Bills and Vendors > Create Bill.
  3. In the Bill form, enter the name of the vendor you're paying.
  4. Click Assign Project/Job. In the Select Project/Job dialog, you can select the project/job (and, by extension, the customer) for which you purchased goods or services from the vendor you need to pay. If you need to create a new project/job, click New and fill out the New Project/Job dialog. (Optional)
  5. In the Business Tag field, select the tag for the business you are paying the vendor from.
  6. Enter the vendor's address. (Optional)
  7. Quicken displays today's date, but you can change it using the pop-up calendar. (Optional)
  8. Enter the due date (the expected date of payment).
  9. In the P.O. Number field, enter the purchase order number for tracking purposes. (Optional)
  10. Select an expense category in the list.
  11. Enter a description of the service or item. (Optional)
  12. If this is an expense eligible item which you want to include on a customer invoice, click in the E (reimbursable expenses) column. (Optional)
  13. Enter the amount.
  14. Click Save and Done to record the transaction in the Bills register, or click Create Payment to open a payment dialog where you can record the payment transaction in the register now. (Click Create Payment only if you enter payments at the same time that you enter bills.)

This feature requires Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.