You can create a number of reports to find out how your investments are doing. Click the topic below for the report you want more information about.


The accuracy of the data in Quicken investment reports depends on the amount of current and historical data you enter. If you've downloaded or entered only part of your historical investment data, Quicken uses asterisks or other notations to let you know which performance measures are affected by the missing data. When you run a report with missing data, Quicken adds a Placeholder Entries link to the bottom of the report to help you understand why this data is important, and a Show me link to take you to the place in Quicken you need to go to add your missing data. If all you're interested in is the current market value of your holdings, which is based only on the number of shares you own and the current price, you don't need to worry about the missing data. However, if you want to take advantage of the performance measures in Quicken, you must add the missing data to Quicken.