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Work with a budget

To work with a budget, you must first create a budget. After you've created a budget, you can view and work with it as described below.

  1. Click the Planning tab.
  2. Click the Budgets button.

Things you can see in the Budget window

  •   Budget summary
  •   Budget categories and groups
  •   Red and green bars or lines
  •   Budget columns and amounts
  •   Rollover icons
  •   Everything Else

To set or copy budget amounts

  •   In Graph View
  •   In Annual View

Other things you can do in the Budget window

  •   Select a budget
  •   Use Graph View
  •   Use Annual View
  •   Add budget categories
  •   Change the date range
  •   Use rollover categories
  •   Show category totals
  •   Show cents in budget amounts
  •   Show reminders in budget
  •   Budget detailed loan payments
  •   Budget transfers between accounts
  •   View a history of spending in a category
  •   View more budget detail (in Graph View)
  •   Add or remove budget columns (in Annual View)
  •   Exclude savings to savings account transfers
  •   Exclude savings to savings goal transfers
  •   Extend your budget into next year
  •   Budget using category groups only
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