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You have the option to customize and save multiple calendars for specific account types or specific accounts and save them as your custom calendars. This gives you the flexibility to closely monitor the financial trend of these accounts.

For example, you can create a custom calendar to display only your cash and credit accounts or investment accounts.

To create your custom calendar

  1. On the Quicken Feature Bar, go to Calendar and click on the down arrow to get the Calendar menu.
  2. Select Customize.
  3. In the Customize Report window, select the required account types or accounts to be included in the custom report.
  4. Select the Save as custom report checkbox.
  5. Provide a name for your custom calendar.
  6. Click OK. The custom calendar is displayed. This calendar displays the transactions and cash balances of the selected accounts only.

To switch between different custom calendars, click on the Quicken Feature Bar and go to Calendar and click on the down arrow to select the calendar that you want to view. The names of the different custom calendars will appear as menu items in the Calendar menu.

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