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Set up a Loan Reminder to have Quicken track your loan payment with your other bills on the Bills tab. Here's how:

  • In the Pay to field, type the name of the lender. As you type, Quicken tries to find a match in the Memorized Payee List. If Quicken finds a match, select the payee from the displayed list; if doesn't find a match, continue typing to create a new payee.
  • Edit the Due Next On date to match the date of your next loan payment.
  • Next to the Amount due, click (Edit) to change the loan payment amounts.
  • Select the Account from which you'll make the loan payment.
  • If you are making the loan payment from an account that's enabled for bill pay, select Use Online Bill Pay to pay the loan online.
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  • Add or edit the reminder Details.
    • Category
    • Tag
    • Memo
  • Add or edit the Optional Settings for the reminder.
    • Remind me [n] days in advance
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    • Sync to Outlook
    • Print check with Quicken
    • Make this a repeating online payment