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  1. Select .
  2. Select Other Assets & Liabilities, then Non-cash assets, any high value property.

  3. Follow the dialog steps, setting the Asset Value for the amount of the loan.
  4. In the final window of the Add Account dialog, when you are asked Is there a Loan on this asset?, select No.
  5. Select the account you just created on the account bar.
  6. On the right side of the screen, select (the Account Actions icon), and then choose Convert to a Lending Loan.
  7. In the Convert This Asset to a Lending Loan dialog, click Convert. You will now need to follow the process for setting up a loan. For more information about setting up a loan see How do I set up a loan?

    Quicken creates an asset account with a payoff schedule. You will need to enter all of the loan information. 

For more information, see: