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About the Quicken Mobile App

The Quicken Mobile App is a companion to our Win/Mac application. It is not designed to be your only Quicken application. The best use of the Quicken Mobile App is to check information and make updates while you are away from your computer.

When using the Quicken for Win/Mac and the Quicken Mobile App together, the key is synchronization. Always sync Quicken before and after each session. Information cannot be shared between the apps unless you sync. Be sure to perform an update  before and after every session on your computer. To update your Quicken Mobile App, swipe down on the main screen.

What can I do in Quicken for Mobile?

You can view account transactions as well as account totals, spending, budgets, bill & income reminders, and investments.

You can add new transactions, as well as designate categories, tags, notes or other information for those transactions.

What can’t I do in the mobile app (but can do on the desktop app)

You can't add or delete accounts, categories, tags, budgets, renaming rules, or memorized payees. You also can’t generate reports.