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You can change the details of a bill or income reminder at any time. For example, you might want to increase or decrease the Remind me [n] days in advance setting to change how far in advance you want to be reminded about the bill.

To change a bill or income reminder:

  1. Select the Bills & Income tab.
  2. Select the Bills tab to display your upcoming reminders. If you have combined tabs, you may see this listed as Bills, Income & Transfers.
  3. Choose the reminder you want to edit and use the down arrow to select one of the following options.
    • Select Edit this instance and all future instances to change all your future reminders for this bill. This is the recommended option.
    • Select Edit this instance to change only the upcoming bill. Use this only if you need to just change the next bill and want to leave your other dates the same as before.
  4. Edit the billing details. This includes:

    • Pay To: Your name for the biller.
    • Due next on: The date you must pay the bill by. Use Change if you want to make changes to the periodic date, such as changing from monthly to quarterly.
    • Amount due: The amount you are expected to pay. 
    • From account: The financial institution account you will pay the bill from.
    • Optional Settings
      • Remind me [n] days in advance: Use Change to set the number of days in advance to remind you about the bill.
      • Related Website: You can enter your biller's website here.
      • Estimate amount for me: Use Change if you want to base your projected bill amount on Previous payments or the Time of the year.
      • Link this reminder to an online bill: Connect to the online account for this biller. Quicken will base bill amounts and dates on the data received from your biller. If you select this, you will navigate through the online biller setup process and enter your account sign-in information.
      • Sync to Outlook: Have the bill appear on your Outlook calendar.
      • Print Check with Quicken: Use the check print feature to print checks using your printer.
  5. If you wish to add a category, tag, or memo, click in the details section. A window will appear. Make your changes and click OK.
  6. Select Save or Done.

To delete a reminder

  1. Go to Tools menu > Manage Bill and Income Reminders
  2. Select the reminder you want to delete.
  3. On the Bills and Income Reminders menu, select Delete.
  4. Click OK to delete the reminder.

To turn off reminder suggestions

  1. Go to Tools menu > Manage Bill and Income Reminders
  2. Click on the Options menu.
  3. Click on Suggest Reminders
  4. Uncheck the option Review my accounts for reminders to suggest.

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