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Use One Step Update on your account bar to easily update all of your ONLINE accounts.

You can also trigger a One Step Update from Tools menu → One Step Update. You may need to Enter Vault Password.

You will see a progress screen while Quicken contacts your financial institutions and downloads your transaction data.

Once the update is completed, you will see the One Step Update Summary. you may see an item that Needs your attention. Click the question mark  by the entry for information about resolving the problem.

What is One Step Update?

One Step Update is a single access point for almost all connected services; you can update transactions and send online payment instructions for multiple accounts, sync your data to the Quicken Cloud and use Quicken on your phone or tablet to download security quotes, export some of your Quicken account information to, and obtain product updates for your Quicken software.

One Step Update is the centralized access point for almost all connected services in Quicken. It makes it easy to:

You can set up Quicken to automatically download transitions at the beginning of a session. Go to Edit menu → Preferences Startup. Select Download transactions when Quicken starts and click OK.

One Step Update doesn't work with Web Connect accounts. Quicken may be able to upgrade accounts you currently update through your financial institution's website to another connection type that you can use with One Step Update. If this is the case, Quicken will let you know.

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