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  1. Choose File menu > Printer Setup, then select the object you're preparing to print (Reports/Graphs or Checks or Invoices).
  2. Click the font you want to change:
    • Reports: To adjust the font used for titles and headings, click Heading Font. To adjust the font used for all other text, click Body Font.
    • Checks: To adjust the font for any field except the numeric dollar amount field, click b. Due to Check 21 restrictions, the numeric dollar amount field prints as Arial (font), Regular (font style), 10 pt (font size) and cannot be changed.
    • Invoices/Forms (only in Quicken Home & Business): To adjust the font used for the company address, click Company Font. To adjust the font used for all text you enter such as the line items and customer message, click Main Font.
      • Which fonts can I change here?
  3. Change any combination of the font, font style, and size, and click OK.
    • About the font list
    • Which fonts will give me the best results?
    • How do I preview fonts?
  4. Click OK to save your new font selections.

What is Check 21?

About fonts