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  1. Install Quicken on the target computer (the one you want to move data to).
    • Can I use the same data file on two computers?
    • What if I use Quicken Online Backup?
  2. On the computer with the data file you want to move, choose File menu > Backup and Restore > Back up Quicken File to back up your data file to an external source, such as USB drive or a disk.
    • What if both computers can't use the same media?
  3. On the target computer, connect the USB drive or insert the disk in the appropriate drive.
  4. Choose File menu > Backup and Restore > Restore from Backup File, and navigate to the external disk to restore the data file.
  5. Select the file you want, and click OK.


  • This procedure moves a Quicken for Windows data file from one Windows computer to another Windows computer. If you want to move a Quicken for Macintosh data file to a computer that is running Quicken for Windows, you must export the data file. Instructions for exporting Quicken for Windows data into Quicken for Mac can be found at Quicken Support.
  • What if there is a CD problem when I back up or restore my Quicken data file?
  • General troubleshooting information about Quicken's backup and restore feature is available in-product and on the Web.