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  1. Open the Mileage Tracker.
    • From the Business tab
    • From the Rental Property tab
  2. Select a trip in the list.
  3. Click Customize.
    • To show only the columns you want
  4. To sort by trip information, including subtotaling by trip
    Under Show Only Trips as Indicated Below, set the conditions for the trips you want to display. You can select as many of the conditions as you need to narrow your list. To select all trips under a certain criterion leave the field blank.

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    Type: Select the type of trip you want to display in the list. You can display all trips, or trips of a single type. Use this to subtotal your trips by type, so you know exactly how much you've spent on business, charity, and so on. You can also subtotal all trips by printing the list—the Vehicle Mileage Tracker organizes the report by trip type, with subtotals for each type.

    Destination contains: You can select a destination in the list or type a word contained in a destination.

    Vehicle contains: You can select a vehicle in the list or type a word contained in a vehicle description.

    Travel dates: Enter a range of dates for your travel or select them from the pop-up calendars.

    Travel distances: Enter a range of miles for your travel.

  5. Click OK.

This feature requires Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.