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Applicable Business Reports

If you have purchased Quicken Home & Business, you can choose whether reports show income, expenses, and account balances on either an accrual or a cash basis. When you report on an accrual basis, you regard income as occurring as of your invoice dates and expenses as of your bill dates. When you report on a cash basis, you regard income as occurring when you are actually paid and expenses as when you actually pay the bills. Quicken can show the following reports on an accrual basis: Profit & Loss Statement; Profit & Loss Comparison; Balance Sheet; Tax Schedule; Schedule C; Itemized Categories. In addition, Quicken always shows the Tax Summary and Project/Job by Project reports on an accrual basis, even when you choose to report on a cash basis.,

Set the report basis for one report at a time

Set the report basis for all reports at once


What is cash-basis reporting?

What is accrual-basis reporting?

Which reports can you select a report basis for?

Can I change my reporting method?

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