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Most printers cannot print all the way to the edge of the paper. If printing is clipped near the margins, you may be at your printer's physical limit. Correct the problem by INCREASING the margins in the Printer Setup for Reports and Graphs dialog, which you can open by choosing File menu > Printer Setup > For Reports/Graphs.


  • Changing the print settings in the Printer Setup for Reports and Graphs dialog changes the default setting for all reports and graphs. If you want to change the print settings for just the report or graph you are printing, you can modify the print options in the Print dialog.
  • If you set the margins too small, the printer may clip the report. Most printers require margins of at least .25 inches. Many require margins of .50 inches. If you use an HP DeskJet, you may need a bottom margin of at least .67 inches. If you print in landscape mode, the bottom margin becomes the right margin.
  • Increasing the margins may push the report to additional pages. Try these tips to reduce the amount of paper that the report requires.