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Quicken includes a My Saved Reports list in the right side of the Reports & Graphs Window (choose Reports menu > Reports & Graphs Center). If you're upgrading from an earlier version of Quicken, Quicken stores your saved reports and graphs here. When you create and save additional reports, Quicken stores them here as well. When you are ready, you can add folders to help organize your saved reports in a way that makes sense to you. To get started, just click Manage Saved Reports at the bottom of the window.

You still have the option to customize the Quicken Toolbar to add one-click access to the reports you use the most. If you added Quicken Toolbar shortcuts to reports in an earlier version of Quicken, you should still be able to access the shortcuts in the Quicken Toolbar. If there is enough room, Quicken displays the individual report shortcuts in the Quicken Toolbar. Otherwise, Quicken groups your report shortcuts together under the blue More icon.