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  1. Choose Reports menu > Reports & Graphs Center.
  2. In the Quicken Standard Reports list on the left, click the section you want.
  3. Select the report or graph you want.
  4. Select the date or dates you want the report or graph to include. If the date range you want isn't in the default list, you can select Custom dates and specify your own.
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  5. Click Customize to customize the report or graph. (Optional)
  6. To display the report, click Show Report or Show Graph.
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  7. To display the same data in the other format, click the Show Report or Show Graph button. To hide a format, click the corresponding Hide button. (Optional)
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  8. View the data in more detail. (Optional)
  9. Click Print to print the report or graph. (Optional)
  10. Click Save Report to save the report or graph. (Optional)