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A rollover is an attribute of a budget category. Budget categories that have rollovers carry their cumulative balance from one month to the next. This means you can start a month with more money in a category if you've underspent in previous months, or with less money in a category if you've overspent. This is useful for irregular spending such as clothing or entertainment—areas where you may not spend the exact same amount each month, but want to keep track of the total amount over time.

A couple of examples:

Let's say your goal is to spend no more than $1200 per year on entertainment. In January you set up a budget of $100 per month (12 months = $1200). Knowing that you may not spend exactly $100 per month, you decide to add a rollover to the Entertainment budget category.

  • Example: You spend less than budgeted
  • Example: You spend more than budgeted

Interested in using rollovers?

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