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You can tailor the Portfolio to show different performance measures, fundamentals, and other details. You can:

  1. Click the Investing tab.
  2. If necessary, click the Portfolio button at the top of the page.  
  3. Click a link below for more information.
    • To customize the current view or create a new view

To set the options for date and tax rate

To change the As of date in the Portfolio

To view performance calculations for a period you specify

To sort the securities in the Portfolio

To resize Portfolio columns

To view individual lots of securities

To display closed lots of securities

To print the Portfolio


If one of your securities isn't showing in the Portfolio:

  • The missing security may be part of an account that you did not choose to include in your Portfolio. Check your settings in the Customize Portfolio dialog.
  • You may have chosen to hide that particular security. Check the Show (hidden securities)setting in the Customize Portfolio dialog.
  • You may be trying to display a security for which you have only closed lots. If you want to include lots you've already closed, click Options and then choose Show closed lots.