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When you buy ESPP shares or create an ESPP security, Quicken adds a new security to your Quicken Security List that includes the same name as your company's security name, but with the suffix "-ESPP" appended to it. This special ESPP security will appear in your investment transaction list, Portfolio, and Security Detail View for any ESPP transactions. If you also have holdings of your employer's company stock that were not purchased through an ESPP plan, those transactions and the security's price history will remain unchanged. Quicken does this so that it can track transactions at your discounted ESPP purchase price separately from those of the parent security, without artificially reducing price history by recording your discount in the security's price history.

  1. Open the account you want to use.
  2. Click Enter Transactions.
  3. In the Enter Transaction list, select Bought ESPP Shares.
  4. Select the security that you're purchasing or adding more shares to.
  5. Click Launch Wizard.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. If you need additional information as you're completing the Bought/Added ESPP shares dialogs.
    • Do you want to use money from a Quicken account to acquire these shares?
    • Buy/add shares
    • Summary


Recording a transaction in Quicken does not execute a real-world trade, transfer, or other transaction. Contact your broker to execute trades or transfers, and then manually record the transactions in Quicken—better yet, download them directly from your participating financial institution.