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  1. Open the account you want to use.
  2. Click Enter Transactions.
  3. In the Enter Transaction list, select Sell - Shares Sold.
  4. In the Security name field, select the Treasury bill.
  5. Fill in the Shares Sold dialog.
  6. Click Enter/New.
  7. In the Enter Transaction list, select Inc – Income.
  8. Fill in the Income dialog to record the remainder of the proceeds (the difference between the purchase and redemption price referred to above) as interest income.
  9. If you haven't been tracking ongoing interest, add add it now. (Optional)
  10. Enter a negative return of capital to cancel out the sale proceeds and correctly represent the bond's tax free status.


Recording a transaction in Quicken does not execute a real-world trade, transfer, or other transaction. Contact your broker to execute trades or transfers, and then manually record the transactions in Quicken—better yet, download them directly from your participating financial institution.