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After you've written and recorded your checks, you can review them before printing by scrolling through the Write Checks window, or by reviewing them in the register (in the register, you can identify unprinted checks by looking for the word Print in the Num field). If necessary, you can edit or delete checks before they're printed.

  1. Choose Tools menu > Write and Print Checks.
  2. In the list of unprinted checks displayed at the bottom of the window, select the check that you want to edit.
  3. Change the date, payee, amount, memo, category, or split information as needed.
  4. Click Record Check.


  • Before you print a check, you can change the amount, category, date, memo, address or message information. Changes you make to an unprinted check appear on the printed check.
  • After you've printed a check, you can no longer review it in the Write Checks window; you must review it in the register instead.