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  1. Choose Tools menu > Memorized Payee List
  2. Find the transaction you want to lock.
  3. Click in the Lock column of the transaction. If you don't see the Lock column, choose Options > Show Locked status column in list.


The next time you reuse a locked transaction with QuickFill, you can change the amount in the register, but this memorized version stays the same.

For example, suppose you usually withdraw $40 from an ATM. You memorize a transaction called ATM Withdrawal with an amount of $40, and lock it. Then next time you type "ATM Withdrawal" in your register, QuickFill fills in the rest of the transaction, including the $40 amount. Then, even if you change the amount and record the new transaction, the memorized payee retains the old amount. If the transaction were not locked, the new transaction would overwrite the old one in the Memorized Payee List.