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There are a number of ways to locate payments, deposits, and investment transactions in Quicken.

To find transactions anywhere they occur"

Use global search

Use the Quicken Find window to find all matching transactions.

The Quicken Find window lets you find individual transactions or use Find All to create a list of every matching transaction. To find all matching transactions:

  1. While in the register, press CTRL+F. The Quicken Find window appears.
  2. Enter your search term. You may also want to select a specific field to search in or use Any field to search all the displayed fields.
  3. Select Find All. A list of all matching transactions will appear in the Search Results window.
  4. To edit more than one transaction, select the check box in the Select column for every transaction you want to modify, then select Edit Transactions.
    You'll then have access to Find and Replace to modify specific columns. 

  5. Choose the column you want to Replace, enter the new information, and select Replace All. You may be prompted with additional questions about the change.

Use Find and Replace to change transactions

To find transactions in spending accounts

Use register filters

Use the scroll bar

Another way to find a spending account transaction is to scroll through the register.

To find transactions in investing accounts

Use Find