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  1. Choose Edit menu > Preferences > Web Connect.
  2. In the Web Connect Options window, change the appropriate options:
    • Give me the option of saving to a file whenever I download Web Connect data
    • Keep Quicken open after the Web Connect completes

If you're using Direct Connect or Express Web Connect to update your transactions and balances, these options do not apply to you.

Resetting a Web Connect Account

Resetting an account deactivates and reactivates the account. You may need to reenter your login information. To reset an account that uses Web Connect to update information:

  1. Right-click on the account name in your Account Bar.
  2. Select Edit/Delete your Account.
  3. Select the Online Services tab.
  4. Select Reset Account (No account data will be deleted).

    If you do not see a button for Reset Account, check to be sure this is a connected account and not an offline/manual account. You may also contact customer support.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If you feel you need additional guidance to resolve an account issue visit the support article Web Connect Troubleshooting or contact customer support.