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To assist Quicken Support with troubleshooting online banking issues, Quicken keeps two separate log files of your online activity. You'll find information about your most recent online activity at the bottom of the files. The two primary log files are:

  • Connlog - This contains a history of the connections you make to servers.
  • OFX log - This contains more detailed information than Connlog, including the transactions and account information you download into Quicken.


  1. Select Help menu > Contact Support > Log Files, then click the Connection Log link.
  2. The file will open in Notepad. If you want to save a copy of the file, select File > Save As and select a name and location for the file.

OFX log

  1. Select Help menu > Contact Support Log Files, then click the OFX Log link.
  2. Click the Save As button to save the OFX log as a text file.