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The Dashboard is the default Home page for Quicken on the Web. It is a place you can go to see updates on your finances at a glance. It starts with some of the most popular tracking features in Quicken for the Web. These features are called Overview Cards. You can move Overview Cards around on the Dashboard. You can also configure the Dashboard to add Overview Cards of interest to you or remove ones that you do not find useful. For example, if you do not have investments, then the Investments cards are not something you need to see. 

About Overview Cards

Overview Cards are the individual sections on your dashboard. While the Overview Cards on the dashboard are great for giving you a general summary of your finances, they are also handy for navigating through Quicken on the Web

Every card is also a link to a different section of Quicken on the Web. For example, if you select Top Spending Categories Month to Date, it opens up your Spending page, where you can dive deeper into your spending.

Moving Overview Cards on the Dashboard

Repositioning cards in Quicken on the Web is easy. Simply drag and drop the card to where you want it to be. If you want Spending Over Time to be the first card you see, select it and drag it to the top of the Dashboard. If you want it at the bottom, drag it to the bottom of the Dashboard

Adding or removing Overview Cards

To add or remove an Overview Card from Quicken for the Web:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard.
  2. Select Configure Dashboard. A list of Overview Cards will appear. Any item with a checkmark already appears on your Dashboard. If an item does not have a checkmark, it is not currently on the Dashboard.
  3. You can select or deselect a card by clicking the name of the card in the list.
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