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Description in the Check # column

When you will see this.

Shown when you are entering a non-Bill Pay transaction in an account that is enabled for Bill Pay.

To send

Shown after you enter a Bill Pay transaction in your Quicken register, but have not yet sent the payment instructions to your financial institution.

Sent (or check #)

Shown after you send the payment instruction to your financial institution; but before the financial institution has started to process the payment. When this icon is displayed you can still cancel this transaction. Some financial institutions may provide a check number at this time. If provided, a check number is displayed in the Check # column, instead of the text Sent.

Paid (or check #)

Shown when the transaction is being processed by the financial institution but not yet matched with a downloaded transaction.

Paid (or check #)

Shown when a previously sent Bill Pay transaction is matched to a downloaded transaction. (To remove the icon, click it and select Reviewed.)


Shown if you cancel a Bill Pay transaction. (You can delete the transaction if you wish.)

Image Added

Failed / ErrorThe transaction failed. 


"Waiting" is displayed when Quicken sends a payment or cancellation request to your bank. If Quicken is unable to get a response from the bank, this label may persist. If this occurs, do an update to resend the response.